Monday, August 10, 2009

People's Fair 2009

Sometimes fibromyalgia really gets in the way of doing fun stuff - like merchanting at the shows I'd really like to do. For the second year in a row Mark and I went to the People's Fair: A Metaphysical Gathering at the Prospector's Paradise rock shop north of Calumet where I had had plans on setting up a booth this year. Fibro interfered at the wrong time though, laying me out for the better part of a week, and therefore I just didn't think I'd have enough appropriate stock to make it worthwhile and I expected the economy to put a real damper on sales. We had a great time though just walking around talking to people and of course I spent way more than I should have although most of my purchases fall into the category of things that will be incorporated into a number of carved staffs I'll hopefully get done for next year. My one non-business purchase is a beautiful labradorite cabachon pendant that is becoming part of my ritual garb.

Mark and I parted ways early on and he got wrapped up in several discussions with merchants who remembered him from last year and introduced him with some wry humor to others as the token Republican at the gathering. It is really nice to be able to go to such a gathering where 99.9% of the people are moderate to far left of center in their opinions and not be afraid of being tarred and feathered; over the last 8 years Mark and I stopped associating with various social groups we had been involved with because of the venom of many liberals and their rudeness to people who did not agree with all their opinions. It's awkward having beliefs/opinions that put one at various times in both the conservative and liberal camps but that's a topic for a past and probably future posts.

Anyway, the Fair was a lot of fun with approx. 30 vendors, many of them rock people, tarot or other divinatory readers and energy healers with artisans scattered here and there. I took my staff with me and got a lot of compliments on it from people including other wood carvers which was great considering it's my first piece. I also was able to share a few tips with a beginning woodcarver which made all the trial and error I went through learning what to do with my staff worthwhile. It was just great to hang out and talk with people and I'm really looking forward to merchanting next year and camping overnight; there is a certain comeraderie between merchants at gatherings like this, ren faires and the like and we tend to let our hair down after the public has left. Although it's a way of life with NO security, I do appreciate the allure of living the gypsy life of going from fair to fair merchanting. In the mean time I'll take my fun where I can find it and look forward to the People's Fair 2010.

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