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Rosh Chodesh Ritual

May it be Your will, our Source and Source for our foremothers, that You inaugurate this month upon us for goodness and for blessing.

May everyone have a blessed month of Nisan. Here's my ritual for Rosh Chodesh. Much of it is my own work but pieces have been gleaned from various sources. I have tried to give credit when I have incorporated somebody else's words or ideas except when it's traditional text. If I have missed giving someone their due I apologize. Feel free to use it but if you repost it or pieces of it to the web please let me know and give me due credit. Thanks.

red, white, green & black candles
scented silver or white roundish floating candle or unscented one anointed with properties of renewal or specific intent for the month

pottery bowl filled with water

chalice filled with wine

place candles at the cardinal directions - N red, E white, S green, W black

around the bowl holding the water & floating candle

cleanse and consecrate space*

I (insert name) set aside this time and place for . . .
acknowledging the turning of the wheel,
and for the welcoming of the moon,
as she returns from her darkness to bring us light.

May I be protected in this place
from all who would interfere or wish me ill
and may all the elements of this place,
in all it's dimensions,
lend the strength of their song to my praise and petition.

*At each evocation light the candle at the appropriate direction*

I call to the North, where Fire dwells, where things are without form, where it takes the qualities of Gabriel, angel of strength and courage, to walk, and I call upon Mother Rivkah, she who gave divine intuition form, to come and bear witness to this rite and give me her aid - so that I may hear the still, small Voice and make the ways of Ruach ha-Kodesh manifest in this time and place.

I call to the East, the realm of Air, where things begin to coalesce, where Uriel's light and clear vision are gifts of great value, and I call upon Mother Leah, whose weak eyes caused her turn inward and find the wisdom that lies there; I beg her presence at this rite and the gift of her aid so that I too may see the wisdom that lies within.

I call to the South, the dominion of Water, where things crystallize and all things are renewed, where Michael, mal'ch Ha-Rachaman, holds court, to seek Mother Sarah, who was renewed as her womb swelled with new life, and ask her to bless this rite with her presence and grant me the gift of her aid, that what is inspired and visualized may take on form and that I may find the Wellspring of renewal in my times of thirst.

I call to the West, Earth’s own ground, where things find purpose and take root, where Rafael tends and heals those who pass that way, and call to Mother Rachel, who waits like the roots of an ancient tree for the sign of spring, the sound of her children’s return, so that her spirit may rise yet again; I bid her to come to this rite and to grant me the gift of her aid, that what has been created may take on life and that tikkun olam may be manifested through these prayers and acts.

I call to the heavens and the earth, to the universe and the void and evoke Shechinah, the Indwelling Presence of the Holy One, that She may come and look with favor upon this ritual, blessing me, a daughter of the house of Israel, as She has blessed Her people Israel.

So be it
correspondences - Rabbi Jill Hammer

We are keepers of the flame, Eshet lapidot,
Like Devorah, we make the wicks for
the Mishkan's eternal light
And kindle the fires of holy time.
Fire transmutes substance,
Grain into bread,
Clay into pot,
Cold into the warmth of the hearth.
With this flame we honor Shekinah,
Mother and Creator,
And we initiate this holy day, Rosh Chodesh.
- Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

Barucha at Shechinah, Ruach Ha-olam, goleil or mipnei choshech, v’choshech mipnei or
Source of blessings are You, Shechinah, Spirit of the World, who removes light before darkness and darkness before light

Barucha at Shechinah, Ruach Ha-olam, borei mi-orei ha-eish
Source of blessings are You, Shechinah, Spirit of the World, who creates fire.

Barucha at Shekinah ha-m'kadeshet o-tanu u'm'hadeshet o-tanu al yadei hadlakat ner shel Rosh Chodesh
Blessed are You, Shekinah, who consecrates us and renews us through the lighting of the fires of Rosh Chodesh.

*Light floating candle*

With this light I inaugurate the month of . . .
Tishrei, Cheshvan, Kislev, Tevet, Shevat, Adar, Nisan, Iyar, Sivan, Tammuz, Av, Elul

Barucha at Yah, Ruach Ha-olam, matzmichat p’ri hagafen.
Source of blessings are You, Holy One, Spirit of the World, Who ripens fruit on the vine.
adapted from Marcia Falk

Barucha At Yah, Mekor Ha-chayim, she-hech-e-yat-nu, v’ki-ye-mat-nu, v’hi-gi-atnu lazman hazeh.
Source of blessings are You, Holy One, Wellspring of life, Who has given us life, sustained us and brought us to this time

Y’hi ratzon shet’chadeish aleinu hachodesh (insert month),
May the Holy One inaugurate for us this month of (insert month);

l’tova v’livrachah, l’sason ul’simchah,
for good and for blessing, for joy and for happiness,

l’shalom v’achavah, rei’ut v’ahavah,
for peace and fellowship, companions and love,

la’avodah v’tzirah, parnasah v’khalkalah,
for work and creation, livelihood and sustenance,

l’halvat hanefesh uvri’ut haguf, l’chayim shel derekh eretz v’ahavat torah,
for serenity of spirit and soundness of body, for a life of earthways and love of Torah,

v’l’chayim sheyimal’u bam mish’alot libeinu l’tovah.
and for a life in which heart desires will be fulfilled for the good.
Hebrew by Marcia Falk

*insert other workings and/or meditations here*

*At each farewell extinguish the appropriate candle - W, S, E, N*

Mother Rachel, you have witnessed the exile of your children and rejoiced at each one’s return, at the tender sprouts of goodness emergent in this world. I thank you for your presence and the gifts you have given. Stay if you will, go if you must, but until I call upon you again, shalom.

Sarah Imanu, first of the Matriarchs, you have known renewal in the deserts of life and seen your dreams take form, I thank you for your presence here and your gifts shared. Stay if you will, go if you must, but until I call upon you again, shalom.

Mother Leah, you see what is hidden from most - the design of wisdom within the cloud of the obvious, You have my gratitude for your presence and your gifts. Stay if you will, go if you must, but until I call upon you again, shalom.

Mother Rivkah, woman of fire and spirit, you took what could not be seen or felt but only intuited and turned it into action. You have graced my ritual with your presence and granted me the gift of your aid; for this I thank you. Stay if you will, go if you must, but until I call upon you again, shalom.

Shechinah, exiled Spirit of the Holy One, you have ever walked with the people Israel. dwelling in the tents of our mothers Sarah and Rivkah, in the Mishkan, in the Beit Hamikdash, in our places of learning, in our homes and in our lives. You teach us Torah, our way of holiness, in times of peace and tragedy, by our hearths and on the road, and You have answered our prayers for Your presence as we walk the paths of dreams. The rite I called You for is ended but I trust that You will not abandon me; rather be as my cloak and my staff, my Protection and my Support.

Yih’yu l’ratzon imrei fi v’heg’yon libi l’fanecha
May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart find favor before You

So be it

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