Friday, March 6, 2009

A Novelty

From the serious to the inconsequential. It's neat to be able to sit on my bed and blog or surf but tonight marks the first time I've been able to go out and post from out of the house. I know that doesn't sound remarkable to anybody who has a Starbucks or other hot spot every 100 yds or so but up here it is a real novelty. There are only 3 hotspots I know of in the 3 counties - Cyberia (coffee shop), an artist's market and Perkins. I'm hoping that more show up but as far as I know I can't even post or surf from the library on my computer. Very annoying as far as doing research goes. Excepting the college students, most people up here don't know what a hotspot is, a good many don't have computers and not a few are emphatically not in favor of those new fangled devices (incl. cell phones, ipods, computers, GPS units etc.). In some cases the bears and deer may be more tech savy than some of the 2 legged residents. One of the things that amused the husband and I when we were cruising the Keweenaw looking for land were the telephone junction boxes in the middle of nowhere. We made the joke that they were there for the wildlife to tap into. :)

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