Monday, June 8, 2009

This blog entry has gone to the dogs

The law of inertia states that an object at rest is inclined to remain at rest. Obviously Newton never met Daphnae, my Siberian Husky.

Here she is at rest, restoring her energy cells so she can get up beg for a walk, bounce around or flog us or the Purr-Cat aka Purim with her knotted rope. I'll tell you that thing hurts. She even has her own blog. I found this picture and had to introduce her. Not only is she beautiful and shares my opinion that my husband is someone special (although I think she may actually love him more than I do) she's intelligent and there are times I even wonder if she's psychic. Or maybe either my husband or I are broadcasting as she will react to something we're communicating that she can't see or hear as if she understands. We are on our 3rd synonym for 'walk' - this one is "going to see the former president" as we have to be able to discuss things without having to deal with the behavior if she's expecting it and it doesn't come to be. Help! :)

Back in July the shelter told us she was a year old - I don't think so; she's probably just past a year now. In any case she's the youngest dog I've ever had which is quite an adventure. One of the plans for this summer is to construct and train her to a harness so that she can be hitched to a sled and help haul wood in next winter. With the fibro I can use all the help I can get with chores and she'll think it's some sort of game and she'll be with her people which to her is the dog's bark. Last fall she thought it was wierd but kind of fun when I tied her long lead around some maple staves I'm going to carve into walking sticks and had her help me haul them back from the woods. If I only had her energy. sigh

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  1. sorry my dear it has gone to the dog not dogs although sometimes she seems like several dogs in one