Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hail and Well Met

Welcome to my blog. At this point I don't know what's going to appear here but it is born out of wrestling with some issues and my current search for others dealing with some of the same ones. Sometimes I find people's writings and draw value from their words. In too many cases though I don't find anything and I figure I can't be the only one dealing with some of this stuff. In the hopes that others may find my words enlightening or provoking or affirming I post them.

That being said, please be courteous here - effectively I have left my kitchen door open and I expect that those who drop by will act as proper guests. Come in, sit down, grab a virtual cup of coffee or herbal tea, depending on how much you need the caffeine :-) (if it's any time before noon there will be a *large* pot of coffee on), and make yourself comfortable.

Ok, so now you're sitting in some stranger's kitchen which is generally an awkward position to be in so let me introduce myself. I am called Gavrielah by most everybody and live in the northernmost section of the upper peninsula of Michigan where there are almost more bears than people. Although the distance to a significant population center and it's conveniences is greater than I'd like and winter brings on a serious case of cabin fever, I wouldn't trade living here for the world. Thank G-d/dess for the internet and satellite broadband though. I'm a thirtysomething bi Jewitch living with my beshert and we are caretakers for his live-in dad. My household is rounded out by the best husky puppy ever, 3 furry terrorists aka cats who make life interesting and mostly enjoyable and 2 chickens, the sole survivors of last summer's massacre of the flock by the local wildlife. I daily wrestle with fibromyalgia and a non-epileptic, non-specific seizure disorder which unfortunately greatly influences how I handle and look at life. I describe myself as insatiably curious and my interests and talents are myriad and varied many of which will probably show up in one post or another here.

Thanks for dropping by and look for posts of probable substance soon.

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